Family Group Sheet for Captian John STEWART



Name: Captian John STEWART
Birth: 16 Oct 1734 Amherst, VA (Scotland?)
Death: 23 Apr 1829 Cherry Hill, Baridstown, Oglethorpe Co. GA
Burial:  Oak Hill Cemetery, Oglethorpe Co GA
Occupation: Lawyer / Captain
Father: Col. John STEWART (1695-~1784)
Mother: Mary PENN (1757-1834)
Marriage: 1755 Hanover, VA
Spouse: Ann HAW
Birth: 1742 Amherst, VA
Death: 1830 Cherry Hill, Oglethorpe Co GA
Burial:  Hanover, VA
Alias/AKA: Ann Howe
Father: John HAW (HOWE) (ROWE)
Mother: Unknown Richardson

1 M: Ensign Charles Floyd STEWART
Birth: 1754 Amherst, Va
Death: 14 Aug 1836 Bedford, Co VA
Spouse: Sarah (Sally) STATHAM
Marriage: 15 Dec 1785 Statham, Barrow, Georgia
Spouse: Sarah LOVING
2 M: General John STEWART
Birth: 1760 Amherst, Co VA
Death: 23 Apr 1830 Cherry Hill, Baridstown, Oglethorpe Co. GA
Spouse: Mourning Burford FLOYD
Marriage: 13 Apr 1784 Amherst County VA
3 M: James STEWART
Birth: 1760 Hanover, VA
Death: 1809 Sandersville, Washington, GA
Spouse: Clarissa (Clarry) POLLARD
Marriage: 31 Oct 1782 Amherst County VA
4 M: Sgt. William Blanton STEWART
Birth: 8 Nov 1762 Hanover, VA
Death: 17 Jun 1848 Ellaville, Macon Co GA
Spouse: Mary Ann (Molly) PENN
Marriage: 8 Nov 1783 Amherst, VA
Spouse: Martha B WILSON
Marriage: 17 Dec 1837 Monroe Co GA
Birth: 12 Jan 1764 Hanover Co. VA
Death: 12 Jan 1850 Bond, Illinois
Spouse: Charles (John) FLOYD
Marriage: 3 Jul 1786 Hanover Parish Church
6 M: Robert STEWART
Birth: 12 Jan 1764 Hanover, VA
Death: 1807
Spouse: Sally MILES
Marriage: 5 Dec 1792 Amherst County VA
7 M: Thomas STEWART
Birth: abt 1768 Virginia
Death: 6 Sep 1854 South Carolina
Spouse: Tirzah Davis
Marriage: 28 Jan 1794 Amherst Co VA
8 F: Elizabeth (Betsy) STEWART
Birth: abt 1770 Virginia
Death: abt 1850
9 F: Anne(Nancy?) STEWART
Birth: 11 Jul 1773 Hanover, VA
Death: 8 Nov 1826 Covington, Newton Co GA
Spouse: Judge John Burford FLOYD
Marriage: 28 Sep 1797
10 M: Samuel STEWART
Birth: 1775 Hanover, VA
Death: abt 1854
Spouse: Elizabeth JOHNSON
Marriage:  Oglethorpe Co GA
11 M: David STEWART
Birth: 1777 Virginia
Death: 1837 Oglethorpe Co GA
Spouse: Miss TAYLOR
Marriage:  Amherst County VA
12 F: Sarah (Sally) STEWART
Birth: abt 1779
Spouse: Edmond W. TAYLOR
Marriage:  Clarke Co GA
13 M: Richard STEWART
Birth: 9 Dec 1783 Amherst County VA
Death: 8 Aug 1815 Clarke Co GA
Spouse: Mary T. (Polly) CULBERTSON
Marriage: 21 Dec 1809 Clarke Co GA

Notes for Captian John STEWART
Will of John Stewart
In the name of God,Amen. I John Stewart of the Parish of and County of Amherst ,do make and ordain this last will and testament in manner and form as followith: Viz,I lend unto my well-beloved wife, Ann Stewart,as long as she liveth.three negro women,Charlotte,Milley and
Esther,and it is my desire that my youngest children may be educated from the
labor of the above mentioned slaves Charlotte,Milley and Esther; my son,
Samuel Stewart,to have three years schooling also my son,David Stewart, to have
three years schooling also Richard Stewart,to have two years schooling. Also
it is my desire that my wife,Ann Stewart,should have peaceable possession of
all the household and kitchen furniture as long as she liveth,and it is my
desire that at her death all the estate,both real and personal,shall be
equally divided among my children,Charles Stewart,John Stewart,James
Stewart,Robert Stewart,Mary Stewart,Thomas Stewart,Elizabeth Stewart,Anne
Stewart,Samuel Stewart,David Stewart,Sallie Stewart, Richard Stewart,and
William Stewart to them and their heirs,share and share alike. Also I give to
my son,John Stewart Three thousand seven hunderd and fifty acres of land,lying
and being in the state of Kentucky to him and his heirs forever,to have
immediate possession.I Constitute, nominate, and appoint my two sons,Charles
Stewart,and John Stewart,executors of this my last will and testament,hereby
revoking all former wills. In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this
Fourteenth day of April 1784.John Jaural Sr.Stewart (L.S.) Witness Wyatt
Howell,William Chappell, Thomas Stewart.

Book 2 pages 190-191 Amherst Co., Virginia April 14, 1784
D.A.R. Application Captain John Stewart Sr. National No.496491
On March 5,1783,in Amherst County Virginia a deposition of Martha Cole West
that she was 21 years old, or 22 years old, last June from a register kept by
her father. John Stewart, aged 53 years, deposed that to his certain knowledge
Miss West, daughter of John West, was over 21 years old. The record was that a
bond was signed Mar.7 1783. by George Gilbert, with Daniel Gaines as his
fellow bondsman, for Gilbert's marriage to Martha Cole West.It should be
pointed out that James Stewart, carried a letter of Introduction from Daniel
Gains to his friends in Georgia.Introducing James as a surveyor in 1783. He
was the first family member to go to Georgia.He is the son of the above John
Stewart of Amherst County.

John Stewart was ordered into service from Amherst County,June 21,1781,by
Daniel Gaines(the ancestor of Major General Edmund Pendleton Gaines,United
States Army),colonel of militia,two hundred and seventy-nine non-commissioned

officers and privates,"to march to join the army commanded by the Honorable
Major General Marquis de la Fayette.
E-mail from Ernest Stewart

Concerning the possible parents of John m. Ann Hawe,
Iím sure youíve encountered the family tradition that
he was a descendant of King James II through an
illegitimate son by one of his mistresses, Arabella
Churchill. This son (who certainly was born to them)
James fitz James, was titled the Duke of Berwick.
Williamís father John was supposedly a direct male
descendant of the Duke of Berwick ( a grandson, I
think). What evidence that might have existed was
presumed lost in the fire that destroyed Cherry Hill
in about 1820. Something akin to a journal tracing
this line was said to have survived or been composed
after the fire but that too was lost when the Yankees
looted Oak Hill during the Civil War, according to our
relative Judge Floyd. Also, there is the story that
Geníl Johnís (m. Mourning Floyd) daughter, Parmelia,
had a family sword buried with her that bore some
proof of the line. Much research by  many has failed
to prove this tradition. A quick study of the peerage
records seems to disallow that any of the children or
grandchildren of the Duke of Berwick made the trip to
America. I do look forward to having a deeper look
myself one of these days.

The Bristol Parish record says: "John S(on) of John and Mary Stuart, Born 16 octob' 1734 Bapt 19 Ap' 1735." (p. 367) But in 1783, there is a record noting:
"March 5, 1783, Amherst county: deposition of Martha Cole West that she was 21 years old, or 22 years old, last June, from a register kept by her father. John Stewart, aged 53 years, deposed that to his certain knowledge Miss West, daughter of John West, was over 21 years old."
About this record, the SCM (G, p. 239) notes that this was a bond signed Mar. 7, 1783, by George Gilbert, with Daniel Gaines as his fellow bondsman, for Gilbert's marriage to Martha Cole West. The  marriage took place on the same day....
If our John Stewart (Stuart) was born in 1734, then he was not 53 in 1783. He was 50 and stated his age incorrectly. Or it was recorded incorrectly.
John married about 1755, Anne Howe, in Hanover Co., Va., and was in Amherst Co. by 1762 when William was born.
The Stewarts before John, christened 19 Apr 1735, are uncertain, although some believe to have sorted them out. This uncertainty tends to abet long-standing family stories relating the descent from  a "natural" son of King James II of England. (Others have tied the descent to Charles II.)  Until, and if, we ever know the true descent of John Stewart, however, the royal linkage will persist, and not without some whimsical charm. Elsewhere I have shown a notional link to the Stewarts through James FitzJames, a son of James II. William Richard Stewart, who has extensive information on numerous Stewarts, says: "On Sep. 20,1683, Mr.Thomas Anderson is granted 400 acres in Charles City County, Westopher Parish, south side of the James River for transporting 8 persons. The list is as follows: John Stewart, Elizabeth Kish, Valen Taylor, Thomas Barrow, William Sheffield, Thomas Barret,William Stock, and Joseph Fells. It should be pointed out that Charles City, Bristol Parish, is on the south side of the  Appomattox River, now Chesterfield County. However, Bristol Parish, became part of Hanover  County, on May 12,1755, Saint Paul and St. Martin were divided in Hanover County. On November 20,1683, Ann Hall, is transported by Lt. Abraham Jones, into the Bristol Parish. A  tradition preserved by Virginia and Georgia Stewarts of this particular line is that.... this John Stewart of the headright is Colonel John Stewart, of Berwickshire, Scotland, the son of the Duke of  Berwick. This account is from Floyds, by N.J. Floyd, page 19. Henrico County reflects John  Stewart buying 670 acres, in 1683, page 126."
Notes for Ann HAW
On March 13,1784,Ann,wife of John Stewart,was ordered to be quized by J.P.'s
Daniel Gaines,and Ambrous Rucker,as to the deed dated February 10,1784 to
Benjamin Rucker,for 200 acres on the frok of Rutledge and Crooked Run This
event coinsides with the death of Captain John Stewart,I wonder if he was
killed in action.His son Richard was born in December 1784. During the French
and Indian War, Captain John Stewart, who commanded a company of light-horse
calvery of Virginia troops, under the command of General Braddock, General
Braddock was enroute to attack Fort Duquesne, a french stronghole. On July
8,th 1755 after General Braddock crossed the Monongahela River, a branch of
the Ohio River, which is seven miles from present day Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
He was ambushed by French and Indian forces. In the confusion the main body of
men fell back causing panic.General Braddock would not allow his forces to
take cover. The British and Virginia troops were under heavy gun fire, several
hundred rounds per minute. In spite of the order,the Virginia troops concealed
themselves and fought with the utmost bravery. Captain John Stewart was W.I.A.
wounded in action in both legs in the thights area. George Washington was the
only officer not W.I.A., more than 900 were killed or wounded. John Stewart
petitioned the house of Burgesses of Virginia for competsation. His petition
is adderssed as follows. On saturday, April 17, 1756. The Order of the Day
being read,for the house to resolve itself into a committee to take into their
further consideration the Bill, For raising the sum of L.20,000 for the better
protection of the inhabitants on the Frountiers of this Colony, Resolved, That
this house will again resolve itself into a committee, upon the said Bill on
Monday next. A petition of John Stewart, setting forth, That he was a soldier
in the Forces under the command of General Braddock, and that he was wounded
in the Battle on the Monongahela, whereby he is rendered incapable of getting
a Livelihood, and praying the consideration of this House, was presented to
the House and read. Ordered, That the said petition be referred to Mr. Hugh
West,Mr.Hedgman, and Mr. Dangerfield, That they do examine into the
Allegations thereof, and report the same with their opinion thereupon to the
House.Mr. West reported on Tuesdsy, April 20,th 1756, that persons appointed
had according to Order examined into the allegations of the petition of John
Stewart to them referred and had agreed upon a Report and come to a resolution
thereupon, which he read in his place, and then delivered it in at the Table,
where it was again twice read, and agreed to by the house as follows. It
appears to us that he was badly wounded in both his tights, at the late
engagement on the Monongahela, and that he hath some arrears of pay due him,
and hath not received the L.5 Reward given by the act of Assembly to the
soldiers surviving that engagement. Resolved, That the said John Stewart be
allowed the sum of Twenty Pounds as a recompence for his sufferings, and in
full of the said L.5 and his pay. Ordered, That it be an Instruction to the
committee appointed by Act of Assembly for raising the sum of L.40,000, that
they make an Allowance to the said pursuant to the said resolution.It appears
that our John Stewart was the founder of Veterans Benefits. The location of
ann's grave is not known. However, the next time I am in Georgia, I want to
look at Scull Shoals in the southern part of Clarke now Oconee County since
1807. The area was known as Big and Little Rose Creek. The Discepiles of
Christ church is there.This group of people at this church change names to
O'Kelleyites,in 1822,and Bible Christians after 1822, and the "Old Republican
Church". In 1832 the church was called Antioch Church. It may just be a fluke
but the family moved on to Alabama and settled at Rose Hill, Alabama. They are
buried at Antioch Church at Antioch, Alabama, just down the road from Rose
Hill. Other churches to check are Mount Vernon, in Walton County; Old Union in
Oconee, Bethany in Bogart in Jackson County. Antioch Christian Church
Fellowship Hall built 1989. This may be "Old Antioch Church".
Ann's parants the only one's that agree with the time frame are Henry Haw and
his wife Dorcas Haw.Ann's brother Thomas was christened on Nov.27,1726 at
Richmond North Farnhan Parish.In the 1800 census in Oglethorpe County Georgia
Ann has two sons at home 16 to 21 years old.She also has a daughter 16 to 26.
She has neighbors,William Stewart her son,John Dunn,Mathew Belcher,and
Thomas Edmondson.Ann owns 3 slaves.
Ann may have received bounty land in Oglethorpe Co., for her husband's war service.
Henry Haw and wife, Dorcas Haw testify that their child is of age to marry in the State of Virginia, county of Hanover. Witness is brother to Ann, Thomas.
Ann Stewart, aged over 45 years, is listed as the head of her household in the Oglethorpe Co., Ga.1800 census.
She was still living at the 1804 land draw, it seems, as there is an Ann listed as a widow.